At the SSU, we are committed to enhancing the student experience through our Food Services. To help us do that, we would love your feedback. We promise to keep it short and sweet and as thank you, you'll be entered to win a $100 Visa Giftcard!
What is your home campus? *

Have you tried online ordering for The Marquee (TRC) or The Den (Davis)? *

You can order your food from either venue ahead of time right from our website and just pick up at the counter!
At your campus, what items would you like to see on our menus? *

To check out what we already serve, visit
How can we best inform you about food specials, new menu items, events etc? *

How often are you on campus in the evening and/or on the weekend? *

If you are keeping long hours, we would love to try and stay open later for ya!
And last but not least...The Cake Shake: *

Yup! Its a milkshake, topped with a slice of cake.

Sheridan Student Union
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